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    Children are busy with their toys most of their time. The task of parents is to secure safety and variety of these toys, as everybody is aware of the fact that toys play vitally important role in all sides of development of children, including mental, psychological, moral and so on. Vilac is known to most parents starting from the year 1911, when wooden toys started to be produced at the factory in France. The collections of these toys were versatile, they included building blocks, tea sets, puzzles and so on. All toys are made of wood with application of safe lacquers and paints. Nowadays this brand is still popular and continues to bring a lot of fun to our little ones. Let your child organize a real tea party with the barbapapa tea set. In a pretty pink carry case, the set includes four matching cups and saucers, a sugar pot, a jug for milk and a tea pot – all these things are needed for a good party. The set of cars would for sure attract both boys and girls, as all of them need to be repaired and your child is able to do it himself, there is a set consisting of six cars – including an ambulance and a fire engine – but there’s room for all of them on the car transporter lorry.

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