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    Dynamic and exciting brand under the name of Venera Arapu stands for the modern interpretation of the classic beauty and feminine ideals. While having the Roman roots and extensive international experience in the baggage, designers of this trademark suggest to your attention unique and bright clothing. The distinctive features of this brand are unusual and realistic prints that in some special way imitate “clothing on clothing”. Exclusive and a little ironic models of the Venera Arapu brand are full of sophistication and elegance. The brand name is synonymous to the world which is full of fantasies and which is reflecting the essence of the modern femininity. After working closely with Alexander McQueen in Givenchy, the brand was introduced on the Fashion Week in Paris in 1999. Since then the brand has shown itself as the iconic trademark. It is a cult brand that creates fun clothes for children that still remains practical. The brand designers take inspiration from the adult collections and make them suit to the needs of children who deserve special attention on behalf of the parents and designers who create special clothing and accessories for them. Colorful, bright and live design of each and every item of the collection will be attractive for every child.

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