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    Veja Children ShoesVeja

    For the parents, who appreciate not only qualitative and comfortable clothing and footwear for their children, but who are also used to think about environment, there is a unique collection by Veja presented here. This is the brand, which introduces some new approach to fashion and production. Small cooperatives and producers from France and Brazil have been working for this brand for a long time already, proving that their products are really worth all those prestigious industry awards for their quality and their design. Browse the collection by this designer, if you want also to become a part of this environment-friendly world. Present your child comfort and style with these Veja high-top trainers in navy, with yellow contrasting logo on both sides. They are made of leather tanned with plants extracts and thick organic/fair-trade cotton lining. The sole is made of rubber, which eliminates the possibility of slipping and is ecologically safe even for small children. This is a great example of boots, which were designed and produced with keeping in mind all the demands towards children footwear and clothing. Both parents and their children appreciate this choice within a short period of time after purchasing.

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