The Tiny Universe Newborn Clothes

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The Tiny Universe Ivory Jersey Bubble Dress  The Tiny Universe Girls Black Jersey 'Tiny Lady' Dress  The Tiny Universe Ivory and Black Velour Baby Blanket (98cm)

The Tiny Universe Baby Boys Ivory Jersey 'Tiny Tux' Romper  The Tiny Universe Cotton Jersey 'Tiny Swede' Dress  The Tiny Universe Black Jersey Bubble Dress

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The Tiny Universe is a Swedish brand specialising in novelty baby clothes. It has been specially developed for babies aged 0-12 months. This brand was launched in 2010 in Stockholm by colleagues and good friends Maria and Johan. The Tiny Universe’ vision is to add style to the first years on earth. Their soft garments, unique books and accessories are perfect for any occasion when you want that little extra something. With groundbreaking designs their clothes and accessories allow any baby to arrive at a party in style, steal the show, and still be comfortable enough to take a nap.Unlike most brands Tiny Universe doesn’t make season based collections. Instead their timeless pieces always stay in the range, and new ones get added along the way. You’ll find fun formal wear for babies that will make you giggle. For example the tiny suit and the tiny tux outfits. Your little baby boy will be looking so glam and dashing! And for the little baby girl, there’s Tiny Lady for a formal look or Tiny Swede, a mini version of the national Swedish dress. All fabrics are certified by Oeko-tex 100, this means that no harmful substances are used during production. 

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