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    The Puppet Company Ltd Kids ToysThe Puppet Company Ltd

    Toys are integral parts of the childhood, nowadays their variety makes the eye of small children run here and there, looking for the very best toy, they would love to have, as their own. The Puppet Company Ltd this is not simple the brand, offering nice toys to our children. There are nicely made finger puppets and full body puppets in the collections by this designer. There is a limitless space for imagination and creativity of your children, they are welcome to become scenarists themselves, creating their own stories together with adults or with their friends. Hours of fun are granted for all members of the family. If your child is shy and is afraid to speak for public- this could be a good way to make him start doing it, as you could convince him that this is puppet talking at the moment. The variety of characters available provides the possibility to play a lot of scenarios and fairy tales with the same set. Compiled from wood, this item allows them to create wonderful plays and offers three performance space options, there is a real small theatre at home. It is suitable for

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