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    That’s Not Fair has been created in 2012 to give children the opportunity to take the first steps towards revealing their fashion consciousness through innovative clothing that they can style and adapt to suit their own emerging tastes. In fact sourcing fabrics and researching in tailoring techniques is the key to the success of this British brand which reinvents modern classics for children. Stylish children clothes for boys and girls aged 4-16 are made in classic palette of tan, black and white using customary colours like pink for girls and blue for boys to line blazers and bind seams rather than as a focal colour for a garment. Including traditional gabardine trench coats and hand knitted pure wool jumpers the collection has been designed to completely cover any child’s clothing requirements, consisting of everything from tights, jeans and t-shirts, to dresses, shirts and outerwear, jackets with detachable sleeves and beautifully tailored shirts with detachable bow ties and Victorian ruffles, Savile Row tailoring blazers and trousers, Scottish knit design hand woven jumpers and cardigans. The style is inspired by Victorian times, known for fine attention to detail and quality. Yet the pieces feel not only luxurious but also most contemporary. 

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