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    Reading is one of the timeless hobbies, which could never be underestimated as educational and entertainment facility. Walter and Eva Neurath founded this brand in 1949, with the aim to offer their customers high quality books for reading. The collections included masterfully illustrated paperbacks, activity books, their collections were modern and delightful. The books by this designer were able to correspond to the high demands of the creative young minds, turning the educational activities into real fun. What Is Contemporary Art? by Jacky Klein and Suzy Klein is a whirlwind tour of the most influential modern artists, it is not that easy to introduce modern children into the world of art, as nowadays technologies seem to occupy the minds of most of them and they would hardly see the reason to learn about something different. This book could boast with vibrant imagery and become captivating exactly for modern young people, considering their life conditions and views. If you are looking for an unusual present, consider the book – Thames & Hudson present Kids’ Design by Michelle Galindo. There is a wide range of innovative designs for children, which are made attractive with the help of smart photos.

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