Tate Publishing Kids Accessories

    Tate Publishing Kids AccessoriesTate Publishing

    Reading is the perfect way of gaining knowledge about numerous things and objects, reading develops analytical skills and minds of our children. Tate Publishing presents collections of books, novels for children. This brand was rewarded for the best illustrations of top quality. The wide range of designs and artworks would attract all members of the family to spend time together and have fun. The Book with a Hole by Herve Tullet is one of the examples of readings, which would make your child adore this process and return to it again and again. The very design of the book is already utterly unusual, there is a big hole in the book cover. There is a separate cool illustration on each page of the book. It could be used for to building your own 3D skyscraper or playing ball with crumpled piece of paper. If you are planning to learn shapes with your child, it is much easier to do with sparkling images and intriguing activities, introducing the children into the world of 2D and 3 D shapes. Symmetry and pattern are difficult notions for small children, but still there is a way to present them in a clear form.

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