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    SuperTrash Girls  Black Leather 'Demi' Baby Bag (42cm)  SuperTrash Girls Pink and Grey Fur 'Oksana' Jacket  SuperTrash Girls Tweed and Leather Look 'Ozora' Jacket

    SuperTrash Girls Grey Padded 'Omega' Jacket  SuperTrash Girls Grey Satin 'Harley' Shorts  SuperTrash Girls  Girls Tweed and Leather-Look 'Berida' Top

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    SuperTrash Girls, born in L.A. but raised in Amsterdam, emerged in 2004 due to Olcay Gülsen and Eva Rily the original founder of SuperTrash. Olcay Gülsen’s successful brand designed a line for young girls from six to sixteen with a subtle wink to the world of their mothers. The tailored children clothes collection is designed for the coolest girl in town and playfully linked to mummy’s grown-up world. The ultimate ST girl is a truly interactive socialite, who travels with her parents, and likes to combine on-trend items with chic pieces for fun and fashionable appeal. The SuperTrash girl’s collection includes clothes, shoes and accessories. The SuperTrash Girls designers create a wide range of kid’s clothes including lovely skinny jeans with stylish belts, chic skirts, blazers, dresses, blouses, denim shorts, tops, T-shirts, coats and other items of clothing and accessories. The collection is divided into four themes; Travel Girl, School Girl, Beach Girl and Polished Girl. The themes vary from denim to chic and classic. The collection consists of 40 different styles. The Super Trash Girls designers use 100% cotton, leather, chiffon, silk, viscose in combination with elastane and polyester to create perfect and unforgettable designs.

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