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    The Sun-San Sandals Company was established in 1940 in the United States. This brand was launched by Walter Hoy, a talented and skilled shoe-maker who managed to find new effective ways to cope with existing leather shortages during the World War II period. Walter Hoy began to manufacture stylish and comfortable sandals using the scrap leather as the key material that was left from manufacturing military boots. In the late 1940s, Walter Hoy launched a new line for kids starting at baby size to youth. A cult classic, sandals have a retro vibe and are waterproof, which make them the perfect shoes for summer. Combined with rust-proof metal tongue buckles and produced in a wide choice of colours and designs, the enduring quality and proven heritage of Sun-San sandals is unquestionable. The leather is coated with a water resistant sealant and they mould to the user’s feet with repeated wear. The brass buckles allow straps to be adjusted for narrow or wide feet. They are great for running in and out of the ocean and can be popped into the washing machine; the perfect summer sandals for both wet and dry conditions.

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