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    STEIFF Linda' Lamb Soft Toy (16cm)  STEIFF Navy Blue Sleeveless Dress  STEIFF Girls Navy Blue Cotton Jersey Dress

    STEIFF Navy Blue Chunky Knit Cardigan  STEIFF Striped Jersey Teddy Bear Sweatshirt  STEIFF Girls Orange Lightweight Top


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    Steiff is the world’s leading teddy bear brand that has brought the same first class craftsmanship to its collection of baby clothes. It was started in 1880 by Margarete Steiff. Since 1880, Steiff has been delighting children and adults of all ages with their exquisite collection of Teddy bears. Whether made from cuddly and durable plush for babies and children, or designed from soft and elegant mohair wool for adult collections, or crafted from beautiful wool felt with embellishments for home decorators, there is indeed a special Steiff item for every phase of baby life! The sophisticated outfit collection is as individual and unique as children themselves. Experience the comforting, soothing feel of cozy Steiff cottons, denims, fleece and terry cloth fabrics. Discover soft and casual designs, selection of soft and casual cotton t-shirts, cute and irresistibly chic denim rompers, smart and trendy polo’s, and sporty, cozy fleece outerwear for your babies. The rainbow of colours and patterns of Steiff’s children clothes is complemented with the brand’s trademark: a cute teddy bear appliqué. The clothing collection also offers bath time and sleep time accessories for children. The garments in this collection are not only comfortable to wear but are also practical for every day wear. 

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    Being a responsible parent you always try to buy only the best clothing and accessories for your babies, toddlers, infants. Do not you? In the 21st century we have a chance to shop online, so, for now, it is not a problem to buy any fashion brand even if you live in a small town and there is no real shopping mall. There is no need to buy something cheap, low quality, boring, dull etc., just a few clicks and you can order best baby clothes and accessories using our online boutique. One more advantage of online shopping is the price, usually it is cheaper to buy baby and kids apparel online. If something goes wrong and you do not like the model or the size you can easily return the purchase. 

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