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    Someday Soon Children WearSomeday Soon

    Once you have purchased or worn any garments from the collections by Someday Soon, you will not forget them and would like to purchase the new ones. The simplicity in the style is compensated by timeless design and top quality of the materials used for production. The trendy garments from Someday Soon are suitable for various occasions and are chosen by children of various ages. The innovations of this season are the fun slogans and the prints on the tees and t-shirts. A grey tee looks rather simple, but has bold black letters grey, neutral background, easily spell out ‘You May Say I’m A Dreamer’ on the front, while the same font spells out ‘But I’m Not The Only One’ on the back. The tee is multifunctional and easily compatible with any trousers or shorts. The black sweatshirt from Someday Soon is perfect for winter time. It looks original due to a high neck and paneled prints on the sleeves. The sweat shirt is bright and still appropriate for wearing every day. The stylish sweatpants from Someday Soon with corresponding print could be well compatible with this sweatshirt or with any other. The legs are cuffed for additional comfort.

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