Seedling Kids Accessories



    Children have the limitless potential for creativity and imagination. Still this doesn’t mean that parents should not help them to develop that potential and provide them additional sources of for it. New Zealand brand Seedling is specialized on the production of kits, which would help your children to develop and express their creativity. Each child has the unique chance to choose exactly those things, he is really interested in, for example art or macramé, or origami. The unique retro note in the style of the brand would attract even more customers of various age. The kits are made up in such a way that your little explorer won’t miss anything there. The Great Adventure Kit from Seedling is the best one for developing the interest in your child for travelling and doing interesting things. It consists of a real compass and mirror, whistle keychain with temperature gauge, Seedling journal, messenger bag, colored pencils and instructions. Another option is the jar of marbles from Seedling for good old fashioned marble fun. They are packed and carried in a lightweight plastic jar, which is easy to take to school or to your child’s friends and have fun together.

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