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    Starting from the year 1950 this designer devoted a lot of time and effort to creating comic book characters, which immediately won their popularity among their small customers. This is a German based company, which based its production on purely children interests and this contributed to creation of innovative collections for them. Those collections included versatile figures, among them were stegosaurus and aeroplanes. The functions of them were not simply to entertain kids, but also contribute to their learning and development. The hedgehog figurine from Schleich looks absolutely realistic. It is made with a spiky coat, soft fuzzy tummy and inquisitive little snout and it would for sure become a real surprise for your little one. The sheep figurine from Schleich could become a good start in gathering the whole farm for further playing. The sheep is with fuzzy wool coat and with a black-colored nose and looks realistic with all the details and proportions. This is utterly important for the children to play with realistic looking toys for formation of their correct perception of the surrounding world. Tender and sweet looks this beautiful white swan from Schleich comes accompanied by three little ones sailing on their mother’s back.

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