Rykiel Enfant Kids Wear

    Rykiel Enfant Children WearRykiel Enfant

    Welcome to one of the best knitwear collections for children, which is presented by the world famous brand here – Rykiel Enfant. This is a real proof that knitwear could also become on the top, creating outstanding designs and unique style, which would for sure stand out of the rest collections of children clothing. This brand is known for paying a lot of attention to details, to masterful using of colors and color palette, for its playful styling and combinations. The striped dress from Rykiel Enfant would be adored by most of young girls, as it is smart and feminine. At the same time the bright colors of the stripes won’t let it be too serious and official. The crew neckline, long sleeves and kicked out skater skirt contribute to the whole appearance. The black velour dress from Rykiel Enfant could be worn every day, as well as become a good option for some special occasion. It is decorated with feathered wide collar and a slightly fitted waist with pleat details. The zip in the back part makes the process of dressing easy and quick. The tee from Rykiel Enfant which reflects the brand’s quirky aesthetic, looks really original thanks to the print with girl in a fluffy white outfit.

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