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    RoksandaIlincic Kids ClothesRoksandaIlincic

    Don’t miss one of the best collections for girls, presented by Serbian designer Roksanda Ilincic, who devoted all her talent to creating great collections for small princesses. Having her own daughter and finding inspiration in her style and personality, the designer had the task to create the version of the adult collection, which would be adopted for the needs and tastes of children. Certainly the result is outstanding thanks to elegant manners and lines and playful notes. Such fabrics as silk, satin, crepe are widely used for the collection, the result is a number of beautiful and stylish dresses, which would make your girl shine during any special occasion. For the coming winter time, the distinctive black long-sleeved turtleneck with pink owl-face by Roksanda Ilincic would become the perfect underlayer for any jacket or coat. The colored felt owl face looks trendy and make this garment look not gloomy. The abstract flower dress from Roksanda Illincic would make your girl feel unique and feminine. It is made of 100 % silk, which is perfect for summer weather. Dropped waist guarantees perfect fitting to the figure. The Lander dress was taken from the adult collection. The neon orange color is perfectly contrasting the main color.

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