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    The story of relations between men and horses is endless, these animals are among the closest towards human beings and are able to love and to support, especially if we are talking about children. From the early days it is recommended to pay attention to the formation of the relation between your child and surrounding nature and animals. Horses always attract children and could become real friends for them. Regent is the brand, the owners of which are already rather famous equestrian traders – Sandler & Sandlers Ltd. This designer is famous for the collections of leather footwear for riders of all ages and of all levels. This is evident that one of the main tasks of the parents is to secure proper clothing for their children, if they want them to be real riders. If you choose this designer, you automatically choose comfort, elegance and durability for your beloved ones. One top quality boots and shoes are offered by Regent and don’t miss the chance to make your best choice. This is a family run business, which is one of the factors, contributing to their perfect understanding of the children needs and peculiarities. There are classic options for kids along with innovative ones.

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