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    If you are looking for toys, which would not simple exist in the collection of your child, but would contribute to development of his or her imagination and aesthetic perceptions of the world, then you should consider the famous rubber bands by Rainbow Loom. They were initially developed by an engineer, who paid attention to the work of his daughters, producing nice bracelets out of rubber bands. It was difficult for him to repeat their combinations, as his fingers were too big. Thus he managed to create a unique device, which not only made it possible for him, but also widened the range of the possibilities for his girls. This was the moment, when the fame of the famous Rainbow loom started. Nowadays in most countries all over the world children know a lot about those rubbers, know how to unite them and create outstanding bracelets and rings. Irrespective of the age, children devote a lot of time and attention to this process, creating new and new variants, having endless possibilities with just rubbers and hooks. There are hooks with special metal tips, which make the process easy and quick. If your child is just starting to create his masterpieces, pay attention to the Original Rainbow Loom Complete Package

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