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    Project Jelly Children Shoes

    Project Jelly

    Not many parents and children could imagine summer time and water procedures without jelly footwear. Comfortable and stylish, there are collections jelly shoes, produced by Project Jelly. Along with absolutely new options there are retro collections, which could boast with bright colors and comfort for small feet. One of the important factors, which parents, who are inclined to buy these shoes, need to know, is that there is a percentage from sales, which would go to people with limited abilities and their families. This is a perfect moment for letting your children realize the need to help other people, who are in need. For the sunny and joyful moods of your child on the beach or near the pool – there are the orange sherbet jelly shoes by Project Jelly. The classic design is well-combined with bright color, the upper part is transparent, the yellow sole is flexible, which would make your child never notice those shoes on their feet. For small princesses, the Limited Edition Raspberry jelly shoes of classic design with glittery transparent upper and buckle would become a perfect choice for hot summer days. Project Jelly shoes are easy to put on, there are no problems with washing them, the flexible soles are the additional advantage for active kids.

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