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    Powell craft Girls Cotton Alphabet Print Nightdress  Powell craft Ballerina Rag Doll (20cm or 40cm)  Powell craft Traditional Soft Rag Doll with Heart Dress in 3 Sizes (20cm-60cm) Powell craft Vintage Inspired Sleeveless Cotton Dress  Powell craft Traditional Sailor Boy Rag Doll (20cm or 40cm)  Powell craft White Cotton Sailor Dress

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    Powell Craft Company was founded in 1962 in Cornwall, England, by William and Veronica Powell. It began as a family-run business sourcing traditional handmade wooden toys from the Czech Republic and East Germany. In 1980 a new market was developed with Victorian-inspired lace and linen products, ladies nightdresses, patchwork, children’s clothes and nursery lines. All the products were quintessentially English designs made from 100 percent cotton. In 2004 Powell Craft was taken over by Toby and Katherine Powell. The arrival of their two noisy children, Ruby and Henry, meant at last models were found for the Powell Craft products! It also meant more hand-embroidered and smocked girl’s dresses, pyjamas, and nightdresses, retro and vintage print clothing, and soft rag dolls. All the Powell Craft products are made from natural materials, such as 100% cotton, linen and wool. The company continues to increase the offer ranges from pajamas, and baby jumpsuits to pram blankets and beautiful hand knits. Powell Craft kids clothing is reminiscent of childhoods past from vintage style fabric pajamas to 50′s style sundresses with matching hats. For babies Powell Craft has an extensive range of adorable knitwear from their many nursery themes including farmyard jumpers and cupcake pram coats.

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