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    PomD’api Children ShoesPomD'api

    All children wear sandals during hot summer weather, all girls like comfortable and stylish sandals. During the cold period you need high quality boots that can protect child’s feet from water and cold? This means that PomD’api is the brand, which is exactly what you need, if you have a small active girl, who likes comfort and long walks. This is a family-run brand, coming to us from France and delivering only top quality footwear for our precious children. PomD’api collections are known by numerous customers for the best materials, used in production and for separate attention to sturdy soles. The collections include various options, for casual wear, for special occasions, to make the general kid outfit look finished and bright. Don’t hesitate to choose the Bronze Glitter Wide Strap Sandals by PomD’api feature a glittery toe strap, if there is a special occasion approaching in summer. They would universally suit any dress or costume, your small princess would like to wear. A buckle fastened leather strap at the ankle would for sure keep the feet of your child in place and fix them properly. Gladiator sandals are always popular, the ones with a strappy design in a bold leopard print with an adjustable pin buckle in a double fastening would suit perfectly the summer wardrobe of your girl.

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