Pilepoil Kids Accessories


    Creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home is also one of the tasks of the parents, as children need to feel safe at home, need to have their own space, which would be different from the rest rooms. Pilepoil is famous for producing high quality home accessories for children of various age. These are already 60 years, since this brand appeared in the market and till the moment it is not loosing the positions. Carpets and rugs are chosen by numerous customers for adding fashion to their children’s bedrooms. Sophisticated colors and wide interior possibilities are the major attractions for customers. All rugs and carpets by Pilepoil are environmental – friendly, which is really important for the parents, who want to involve their children into healthy way of living from the very beginning. All fabrics used by Pilepoil are non-toxic and this is the guarantee that your child would never experience any discomfort or even be allergic towards them. The delicate pink star carpet for children is wonderfully soft and has simple design, however, most children would appreciate exactly star form, as they believe that thanks to stars their wishes come true. Clouds are also perfect for children bedrooms. They are available in various colors.

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