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    Petitcollin Kids ToysPetitcollin

    Petitcollin brand is older than one hundred years already, and still is not loosing its popularity nowadays. The French brand is well-known to the customers for the creation of lovely dolls, which would fascinate any small girls and motivate for hours of play alone or with her friends. The dolls are made of phthalate-free vinyl, it is possible to smell the light scent of vanilla and to change numerous hand-made clothing. If you are looking for a good kid gift, which would be long-lasting and adored by your girl – you are welcome to choose the doll by Petitcollin, you like most. There are various sets, for example the Calinet doll from Petitcollin with bathtub with accessories. A small girl would learn a lot about taking care of babies and learn to be tender and caring towards her close people in the future. A doll in a box with tea sets provides a lot of space for development of imagination and role plays with other girls. The doll wears sports pink long sleeve top with a polka dot bow, a matching pleated polka dot skirt and pink shoe and has two plaits. Having a lovely face, this doll would become a perfect present for a small princess.

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