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    Introducing your children to the world of reading and books should take place as soon as possible. Even children under one year are able to perceive well and listen to books, read by their mothers. Also they like looking through the books, this is serious support for their development and learning more about the surrounding world. The main aim of Penguin Books was to create exemplars of good fiction for children considering the affordability of them for their parents. Starting from the year 1935 Penguin Books brand occupied its position among the best trademarks and was often preferred by parents of children of any age. The range of the books is rather wide, there are those by Beatrix Potter and Roald Dahl to Hemingway and Christie, which would allow you to choose the best one, suiting exactly this age and this development period of your child. Confessions of the World’s Best Father would be needed for parents first of all, in order to add some portion of humor and necessary information into the process of taking care of their children. Copying with every day problems would become much easier with Penguin Books. ‘Hello Kitty Colours’ board book from Penguin would become a perfect textbook of color for your baby. Do not forget that book may become a great gift idea for any kid and as Penguin Books are the best in the market we recommend you to consider exactly Penguin Books when you are looking for some gift for your child.

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