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    Peach Ribbons Dark Purple Grosgrain Bow Hair Clip (7cm)  Peach Ribbons Dark Blue Organza Bow Hair Elastic (12cm)  Peach Ribbons Burgundy Grosgrain Bow Hair Clip (7cm) Peach Ribbons Black Grosgrain Bow Hair Clip (12cm)  Peach Ribbons Green Grosgrain Hair Clip (12cm)  Peach Ribbons Blue Polka Dot Grosgrain Bow Hair Clip (7cm)

    The Peach Ribbons brand helps kids to decorate not only clothes, but also hair. Peach Ribbons was created by Caroline Clarry, the mother of two small girls in 2005. At the time the only bows available in the UK were in very limited color ranges and it was difficult to match bows with those favourite outfits. As time progressed and her daughters started school she developed her range to include school hair accessories in the form of hair elastics and then bands. Each year she adds not only seasonal colours but also introduces new product lines. The most popular colours used in the Peach Ribbons kids hair accessories collection include black, blue, brown, green, grey, ivory, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. The Peach Ribbons designers offer a wide selection of girls hair clips, elastics and hair bands in extra large, large, medium and small sizes. All they are made from velvet, grosgrain or organza. Girls love to decorate their hair with pretty hair clips, especially if each piece of decoration is appropriate for the chosen design. No matter what size of hair girls have, the Peach Ribbons hair accessories look cool with both long and short hair. 

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