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    Pate de Sable Children Wear

    Pate de Sable

    Parents always want to see their girls bright, beautiful and happy, irrespective of the season. Summer time is the season, which is beloved by most children as they have plenty of possibilities to swim and to have fun in the water. Pate de Sable is a luxurious brand for children, boasting with bright and original collections, produced by the designers of the French Riviera. The Mediterranean spirits and colors contributed to the creation of this collection of classic designs, which are mixing with modern details and textures. This fashion line of beachwear and swimwear is perfect for children and young girls to have the best summer time in their lives. The happy strappy dress from Pate de Sable is so bright and so feminine. You small princess would adore wearing it during hot summer days. The top with a butterfly patterned lace adds charming note to the girl’s outfit. Sparkling gems on the front would be adored by girls, who like feminine and bright style. The Poudre Meduses Jelly Sandals from French designer Pate de Sable are perfect for summer time. They are made of sparkly rubber and are decorated with frogs-like bows on the front. These sandals would suit perfectly any garment of your girl’s summer wardrobe.

    Girls beachwear and swimwear

    Pate de Sable – is an excellent beachwear and swimwear for girls of different ages, from 6 months babies and up to 16 years old teenage girls.

    Bright colors, high quality materials, stylish design – all these will make Paté de Sable clothes and accessories the favorite one in girl’s summer wardrobe. Various swimsuits: blue, white, cherry prints, aqua green, yellow, floral & ruffle, pink & white, luxury gold. For those girls who like bikinis Paté de Sable proposes many stylish models that guarantee ideal tan. Beach dresses from the same collection ideally match the swimsuits and bikinis. To make the beach outlook complete you can buy sun hat or headscarf by Paté de Sable for your girl or big and practical beach bag.

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