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    Oskar & Ellen Children ToysOskar & Ellen

    Any parent would like to choose only the best toys for his children, which are of the top quality and with the introduction of innovative approaches and technologies. Toys that are designed with consideration of children needs and with the aim of stimulating of their learning activities. Role-plays should never be underestimated by teachers and parents, this is the best way for kids to perceive the surrounding world. Petra Rigby, who decided to introduce children into the world of toys, made of fabrics under the brand nameOskar and Ellen. As a result her toys collections are appreciated and loved in many countries all over the world. A little teepee from Oskar & Ellen with people and animals, would involve your child into hours of playing either alone or with his friends. There is a place for imagination and inventiveness. These toys are suitable for baby children from an early age. The biblical story of Noah’s Ark, found its representation in the corresponding set by this designer. This is a soft, colorful and multifunctional toy, which would keep your child busy for hours. All the animals from the set could be placed inside of the boat, which makes their journey really interesting.

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