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    The company was founded in the Netherlands by the couple – Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn – as the family business, where young and ambitious couple attempted to create the new type of children clothes. Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn have changed the philosophy of children clothing market. Back then in 1963, children clothing was absolutely similar to that of adults and it was the size that differed. The founders of Oilily could not stand the thought that children wear boring and colorless clothing. They rejected grey, white and black clothing of adults that was extrapolated on the children and baby fashion. Instead, they suggested the use of colorful, bright fabrics and original almost fairy tale designs of clothing. At the same time, Oilily has managed to preserve the balance between functionality and original design of their kids clothing and accessories. They created original, bright and attractive children apparel. The Oilily brand offers impressive collections specially designed for children aged 12 months – 12 years. The Oilily collections present a wide range of items in vintage-inspired floral and romantic prints, including coats, jackets, dresses, leggings, shirts, blouses, shorts, skirts, T-Shirts and zip-up tops. The basic idea of the brand is to brighten kid’s fashion with lots of colours and positive emotions. 

    OILILY Baby Clothes

    For its baby collections, Dutch fashion brand Oilily uses high quality, natural materials. One of the distinguished features of baby clothing by Oilily are funny and creative prints and embroiders, something like:

    • crazy cactuses
    • funny lamas
    • imaginative flowers
    • lovely sheeps
    • Maya motives
    • cute salamanders

    Parents who choose Oilily for their babies know that they will get unique clothing that is completely different from mass market baby clothing. Creating their new collections for more than 50 years, Oilily thinks about both baby boys and baby girls. If you have both gender babies you can mix collections and create a stylish family look. 

    Oilily Boys and Girls Clothes

    You’ll never find dull and uninspired clothing in Oilily kids collections. Fun, play, party – children like to do all these in clothing by this designer. We are sure that if you buy Oilily apparel for your kid only once, he/she will ask you to buy it again and again. 

    For young ladies Oilily proposes even sparkle body lotions, perfumes, bath and shower gels, hair and body shampoos. 

    One more interesting fact about Oilily kids clothes, manufacturer uses recycled plastic materials for some specific clothing and accessories. As you can see Oilily thinks not only about your kids and babies, but also about all our Earth planet. 

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