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    Oh Baby London was developed as an independent brand of clothing for children, which was launched from 2002. The founder of East End Hannah McHalick found the inspiration in own children, producing bright and outstanding collections. Original designs and unique identity, which was developed by the designer, are the features, which attract parents and their children to this brand for many years already. Customers from all over the world prefer this brand, appreciating the quality and design, which are usually offered. If you are looking for modern and comfortable top for your boy – the black Tuxedo tee by Oh Baby London is perfect for any age. There is a monochrome print at the chest, which makes the top look like a real gentleman’s t-shirt and jacket. It could be used as usual every day clothing or become a part of a special occasion outfit, which looks stunning, but causes no discomfort, which is usual for a t-shirt and a tie and a jacket. It is made of 100 % organic cotton, which is a perfect fabric for a cooler time of the year, as well as summer time. A warm extra layer with a fashion-forward design twist, this jumper by Oh Baby London would become a perfect addition to your boy’s wardrobe.

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