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Sport should become a part of life style of each adult person and each child. Oakley is the sports brand, which would definitely help you to involve your children into sports, with the help of providing only top quality clothing and accessories, made with consideration of innovative technologies for them. This is a designer, which is able to create high performance sunglasses, protecting peepers from the elements. There is a perfectly developed adult line, which was taken as the basis for children collections. The vivid lenses are perfect for children to protect their eyes from glares. You will be able to introduce your children into the world of great adventures and at the same time be sure that you provided all the safety means for them. The Oakley XS O-Frame Lenses are made from optically pure Lexan® lens material and thus this is a perfect option to protect from UV rays. The coating is perfect for minimizing glare and tune light transmission. Lightweight blue factory park gloves by Oakley are great for active boys, who adore skiing. There is a special silicone print on the palm, which is very useful for grip during skiing. The fabric, used in production, is water resistant. Also Oakley has very useful backpacks in its collection, neutral colors and bright colors are good for boys and girls. These backpacks can be used for sports clothing and shoes when your child attend some sport activities or just for everyday use, like school or traveling.

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