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    All accessories, details of the interior for children should be with humor and adding fun to the general atmosphere, only under these conditions your child would adore the things, which surround him. Noodoll is famous for its full of fun design of stationery, bags, gifts for kids and babies. There is a huge variety of funny characters, which would fascinate not only children, but also their parents. Children love their friendly faces and smiles, and they are not immediately aware of the fact that all of those monsters, dinosaurs and other characters are made of rice and noodles. For the parents, who also care about the environment Noodoll brand is actually a perfect choice. Nowadays not only adults, but also children have mobile phones, players, other gadgets. Still they remain children and they want them to look like toys, which was considered by Noodoll, when creating a lovely gadget holder. It is designed as a friendly dino, with zipper and compartment, which could be easily closed in order to keep all the necessary child things safe inside. Soft yellow monster with a heart is perfect for keeping mobile phone or other gadgets of your child safe and look stylish.

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