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    Nicki Macfarlane brand name was created in tandem with UK-designer Nicki MacFarlane and her daughter, Charlotte in 2005, when a client asked her to make 22 dresses for her wedding. Nicki realized that there was a gap in the market for quality bridal wear for children, and so the brand Nicki Macfarlane was started. Today Nicki Macfarlane is one of the world famous and leading designers who create exclusive dresses and outfits for the bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys. Her products are very popular among many celebrities who search for the best and highest quality clothes for their children. At the same time, she strives to use solely high quality materials for creating beautiful clothing. The branded Nicki MacFarlane children clothes and accessories are specially designed for boys and girls aged 12 months – 14 years old. Nicki MacFarlane designers offer a wide color selection, which includes blue, gold, pink, ivory, silver and white colors. Lovely silk and lace dresses with exclusive trims, trendy silk cropped trousers, shirts and cummerbunds and many other items of clothing for special occasions are available in Nicki Macfarlane collection. This brand follows the best traditions of British classic elegance that is always in fashion. Elegant, unique and beautifully timeless.

    Nicki Macfarlane Girls Dresses

    Nicki Macfarlane has variety of children special occasion clothing in her collections but especially this brand name is popular for its amazing dresses.

    To create perfect bridesmaids or flower girl dress Nicki Macfarlane uses only best materials, like tulle, silk, organza, lace. Every dress in collection has its own name, for example for now you can find:

    • Darcy tulle dress
    • Penelope silk dress
    • Imogen organza dress
    • Mirabelle silk dress
    • Francesca silk dress
    • Eleanor silk dress
    • Flora silk dress
    • Chloe silk dress
    • Grace silk & lace dress
    • Eliza silk dress

    This is not the full list, new and new dresses are coming regularly, so just check our website frequently to get new dress for your special day.

    Nicki Macfarlane Royal Designer

    Not all people know, but Nicki Macfarlane was one of those designers who has provided fabulous bridesmaid dress to Royal Wedding Ceremony of HRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

    So, every little girl who is wearing these incredible dresses can feel herself like a little princes and who knows, maybe one day she will become a bride on Royal Wedding 😉

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