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    Kids always remain kids and they will appreciate only those accessories and clothing, which are close to their interests, to their way of living. Parents always remain parents, because they are looking for qualitative and comfortable clothing for their children. All these demands were united in one collection for children by Neff. There are a lot of options with cartoon prints for smaller children, stylish sports and casual wear for older children, a lot of sophisticated shorts, sunglasses, outwear, snow wear and so on. Involve your child into the process of choosing his favorite clothing and you will for sure easily find the compromise with the help of Neff brand. Summer is approaching – then vibrant long-length hot tub swim shorts feature an all over multi-hued tropical floral print would be perfect for your kids during hot days. They could be accompanied by red tee features a print of a smiling wooden donkey on wheels and stylish outfit is ready. The water-resistant watch from Neff with a pair of hungry shark jaws could be a perfect present to a boy, as a sign of his getting older. During hot weather a lot of attention of the parents is paid to securing of UV protection, Brodie Children Sunglasses from Neff is an option with 400 UV Protection characteristic.

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