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    Parents of babies and small children experience a lot of problems along with endless happiness and joy from the fact that they have children. The period, when the first teeth start to appear is familiar for all parents, most of them remember it as the most terrible moment of the first year. In order to make the lives of both children and parents easier, Neckerchew launched the production of unique teething products, which are the combination of bib and teething aid. The products of this designer are really helpful for parents; in addition they could be sure of the materials, used for the products. Bright and unusual designs would for sure attract the attention of your small baby boys or baby girls and make life easier for them. The chewable attachment is designed specially with consideration of children needs. The green Neckerchew is great for babies, whose teeth are growing and causing a lot of problems to them. It is made of 100 % cotton, which is the perfect type of material for small baby children, because it is super soft and hypoallergenic.  Machine wash will make the process of taking care of Neckerchew easy and quick.

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