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    Feet of our small ladies and gentlemen should always be kept in comfort, should be dry during any weather. Naturino is an Italian brand, producing footwear for children for more than 30 years already. The key secret of the designer is the application of modern innovations and technologies, which allow producing modern and top quality footwear for kids. It is utterly important that small feet are not pressed or limited, that they can grow and develop naturally and comfortably. This was considered by Naturino and you are welcome to check it together with your children, if this is the first time, when you purchase this brand. A pair of this beautiful shearling lined gold waterproof snow boots from Naturino Rainstep would be perfect for cold winter and autumn months, especially if your girl has fashion taste and adores beautiful clothing and footwear. The color is not bright and not dark, which is perfect for combining them with the rest of the wardrobe of your girl. Choose for your small beloved one waterproof snow boots from Naturino and you will never have to worry about his small feet and their comfort.

    Naturino spring-summer collection

    It is time to forget about the show and cold, spring and summer seasons are coming. This means that it is time to buy some new stylish footwear for your boys and girls. Just check what Naturino has for you this season:

    • girls leather sandals (silver, white, pink, gold, multi colors)
    • unisex, boys, girls sandals in neutral navy blue, black, white colors
    • trainers for boys and girls (silver, grey&gold, white, navy blue) with velcro fasting
    • classical shoes and ballerina shoes

    Do not forget that all Naturino kids footwear is made from 100% natural leather of the highest quality.  Also, some shoe models have Exclusive Sand Effect System, this means that the shoe will adapt to the kid’s feet and as a result you will get exclusive shoe shape – ideal exactly for your child. It is almost the same as to order custom made shoes, but for sure much cheaper and there is no need to wait when your order will be ready. Just a few clicks and you will get a parcel with new shoes exactly to your home or office.

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