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    There are probably only two holidays in the year, which are adored by children most of all. Most of them like Xmas, and certainly they most favorite holiday for any child is his Birthday. Parents are contributing a lot of effort into preparation for this unique day in the year. They need to purchase presents and need to organize fun, a lot depends upon the atmosphere, which will be created for the child. My Little Day is the brand, which is of real help to parents, it offers a wide range of party ware options. With the help of this brand parents would for sure be able to make this day remarkable and special for their child, irrespective of his age. In order to have real fun, the child would like to invite his best friends to share his joy and celebration, thus it is necessary to send them party invitations. To add party note to the table – My Little Day produced thematic paper plates. This brand is chosen by the parents, who care not only about design and functionality but also about environment, all products are eco and environment –friendly.

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