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    Children adore music from the first moments of their lives. It is so easy to present them a lot of fun with the help of the products by Music Angel. There are portable speakers, which could be used for out and about. It is necessary to charge them for only 1-3 hours and Music Angel will be playing the favorite music of your child for 120 hours, this is granted by its integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery of 3.7V and 1000 mAh.  If all colors are available it is possible to connect all the little speakers with each other and increase the volume. In the modern world of rapid development of technologies, one of the advantages of this device is its compatibility with iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3-players, PC’s and MAC’s. Another advantage is the compact size and high sound quality. There is a sturdy aluminium enclosure with a pink finish and has a digital amplifier with a 2x 3W output. The output for headphones is 3.5 mm. There is a variety of occasions, when Music Angel could be in use, for example for parties, listening at home or during picnics with friends in the park.

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