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    Moulin Roty is a manufacturer of high quality traditional French designer toys and clothes for the kids. History of the brand began in 1970 in the French countryside from which the brand received its name. The company was initially founded by 20 artists who were striving to combine art and life. After the fire that destroyed the studio, in 1988 the company moved to North-sur Erdre with a new mission to create the best soft and modern wooden toys in the world. The project was successful. Since that days Moulin Roty produces classic wooden and luxury soft toys of beautiful fabrics of a carefully selected variety of wonderful tactile qualities that remind about the bygone era. With emphasis on exquisite design and uniqueness, this toy immediately stands out among the others. Great range of the brand products includes a rag doll, which is favorite among parents and children, soft rabbit, lion, many other dolls and animals. Such toys are quickly becoming the best friend of your child. Kids are proud of them and play them with joy. They are intended for children from 0 to 12 years. Elegant Moulin Roty toys can decorate any playroom. The best quality and charming design are present in each and every toy.

    If you are looking for a gift for baby or child you can consider Moulin Roty toys. For the smallest toddlers and even for newborn babies you can buy soft Doudou toys or Rattle toys, Activity toys and Music toys by Moulin Roty. For elder kids there are various dolls, cats, mouses and other animals toys or even corduroy, canvas, push backpacks. It does not matter what you will buy you can be sure that the quality of Moulin Roty toys is extremely high.

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