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    Franco Moschino, the Italian fashion designer is famous for his colorful, lively, provocative and somewhat clownish style. Franco was born in the small Italian town of Abbiategrasso, Lombardy, located 22 kilometers from Milan. Before becoming a fashion designer, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, studying art in 1967 and hoping to become a painter. To pay for lessons at the academy, Franco worked as a freelance fashion illustrator. As a result, his interest shifted from canvas and paints to fabrics and tailoring. His career in the fashion world began in 1971 when he became an illustrator of Dzhanni Versace and continued to work in his fashion house for the next 6 years. From 1977 to 1982, Moschino has modeled clothes for the Italian label “Cadette”. Franco Moschino founded his own company “Moonshadow” in 1983 and began making clothes of top class in the same year. First, he modeled casual clothes and jeans, but eventually expanded the line to lingerie, evening dresses, shoes, men’s clothing and perfumes. In 1988 Moschino began producing less expensive line “Cheap and Chic”. His clothes were unusual and innovative. Today in Moschino collections one may find vibrant and adventurous design for boy and girls.

    Moschino for children

    Luxury clothes, shoes and accessories are so desirable not only by adults, but also by their kids. One of the brightest children designer apparel proposes Moschino brand and its line for elder kids up to 14 years old – Moschino Kid-Teen. Visiting our online boutique you can find whatever you want, from children swimwear & beachwear and up to various jackets for boys and girls. Moschino Kid-Teen collection is very bright and multicolor:

    • teddy bear prints
    • Italian flag coloring
    • Mini-me ice-cream print (we can say that this is vintage Moschino print, designer used it many years ago and decided to give a new life for this crazy colorful print)
    • leopard prints (Moschino uses it regularly, but this season this is a real trend for adults and kids clothing collections)

    Moschino Kid-Teen likes to use its name as a print on various sweatshirts, zip-up tops, tracksuits, t-shirts and even some girl’s dresses have bright “Moschino” letters on the front side.

    Some luxury fashion designers prefer to work only with boys or only with girls clothing, but Moschino proposes apparel for both. And this is so good, especially for parents who have both boys and girls and they want to buy outfits in the same style by one designer.

    Moschino for babies

    For his smallest fans designer offers special line – Moschino Baby. For a newborn baby there are perfect baby nests and soften baby blankets. Parents who live an active life with their baby for sure need reliable and comfortable changing bag and Moschino Baby has them too in various colors, so not only mother can use it, but also fathers. You can wear your baby in Moschino clothing from the first day of his life: baby suits, shorties, baby grows, bodysuits.

    If you are looking for the best gift for baby you can for sure choose Moschino Baby gift sets. Various combinations, like 2 bibs set, or 2 body suit set, or hat & bib set, or babysuit, hat & bib set there are so many of them, just choose. All these sets come in nice gift boxes, so there is no need to worry about luxury wrap. 

    Moschino kids footwear

    For complete child outfit by Moschino you definitely need kids shoes and the great news that designer has them for you. 

    • Gold leather pumps
    • Silver leather moccasins
    • Glamorous glitter trainers
    • Unisex slip on trainers
    • Teddy bear trainers
    • Velcro shoes
    • Various leather shoes
    • Sandals for boys and girls
    • Sliders with Moschino logo
    • Boots and booties

    As you can see Moschino have a real variety of children footwear, so you can buy it for any season and any weather. Most shoes are made in 100% soft leather that guarantee comfort for child’s feet. If you prefer non leather, eco-friendly shoes you can also find something beautiful by Moschino, like textile shoes, faux leather footwear.

    Do not forget that Moschino is an Italian luxury brand and most pieces of kids clothing, shoes and accessories are made in Italy or Europe. We all know that this is the best guarantee that you will buy high quality thing. 

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