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    Winter is the time to have fun and not to freeze or stay at home, especially if we are talking about children. Long winter walks and a lot of active plays and snow funs are possible under the condition of the correct choice of winter clothing and boots. Giancarlo Zanatta was inspired by the landing on the moon of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, he paid attention to their universal boots and decided to create a collection of the alike boots, which would look stylish and be practical for cold weather. Moon Boot as the brand appeared exactly as the result of this inspiration and the contemporary design multiplied by the practicality of the boots were appreciated by numerous customers. This made this brand the icon of fashion of the 20th century and nowadays this is one of the most popular designers winter boots. At first, only adult Moon Boots collection appeared, but after the great popularity came designer decided to launch kids boots line. And it was very good decision, as children like to play outdoors even in very cold weather, after the heavy snowfalls and they need extreme protection for their feet. Colorful Moon Boots from the Original Moon Boot line are made with consideration of children’s comfort and guarantee durability. You can find boots at any color, from white and black, to red, orange, purple, blue and many others. If you need some glam in your winter outfit you can buy shiny Moon Boots with glitters. The soft inner features foam-like properties, thus these boots are perfect for the coldest and the nastiest weather. One of the most important qualities is water resistance, as all parents want their children to have dry feet.

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