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    Monnalisa Nylon Girls Red Striped Cotton Jersey Shorts  Monnalisa Nylon Boys Red Cotton Jersey Shorts  Monnalisa Nylon Girls Grey Wool Blend 'Olive Oyl' Handbag

    Monnalisa Nylon Red 'Betty Boop' Swimsuit  Monnalisa Nylon Boys Cotton Jersey 'Mickey Mouse' Top  Monnalisa Nylon Girls Cotton Leopard Headband

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    Monnalisa is a very famous Italian brand of children’s clothing which has been successfully operating since 1968. For several decades brand was creating clothes for girls and boys. Currently Monnalisa creates clothes and accessories mainly for girls from the first days after birth up to 16 years. A distinctive feature of clothes from this brand is impeccable sense of style, high quality of used materials and original design. This applies not only for ceremonial clothing and holidays, but also for everyday use. Collection of Monnalisa Ny & Lon is clothing for girls from 3 months to 16 years. Here one may find 15 styles in 6 color versions. But different styles and elements are perfectly combined with each other. Creators of the collection Monnalisa Ny & Lon argue that the main idea of this line is the clothes that are comfortable to wear, easy to pick up and match. Products of the trademark can be purchased at very affordable price. At the same time designers have thought the collection so that the young ladies are able to express creativity in shaping their style and wardrobe. This is facilitated by the details and even inconspicuous clothing items. Your young fashionista will look elegant and stylish in the clothing by this famous designer.

    One may ask why Monnalisa Ny & Lon brand appeared when Monnalisa was already on the market? The answer is easy, Monnalisa collections for babies and girls are very romantic and gentle. There are many flowers prints, ruffles, lace in clothing and accessories by the original brand.  In contrast Monnalisa Ny & Lon is very urban clothing. Its collections are more casual, more sporty look, more dynamic. It does not mean that one collection is better than another, it means only that now you and your girls have a choice of what to buy. Monnalisa Ny & Lon clothing is ideal for the modern girl who lives in some megapolis, like New York, London, Moskow, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles etc., and prefers to live an active life.

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