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    Danish designers who are creating clothes Molo Kids, perfectly understand that children should be given the opportunity to express themselves. Only then will they be able to grow truly creative people. With this in mind, the Danes are annually producing several collections of children’s clothing Molo, which meet the needs of every child. Among the many lines of children’s clothing, Molo Kids always attracts attention: bright colours, unexpected combination of patterns and shades in combination with ultra-modern design, cut and thoughtful selection of accessories is a kind of “visit card” of the brand. Despite the apparent “lightness” and festive look, children’s apparel by Molo is practical and functional. They are not output suits “for one day”. All the materials from which they are sewn are of the highest quality and are designed for long-term daily use in the “harsh” conditions for long walks. Comfortable and reliable, products Molo Kids are one of the best representatives of children’s outerwear at the modern fashion market. The brand products are perfect mix of funky and colourful design that is so admired by parents and children all over the world. Boys and girls in the age starting from 0 to 16 years will look absolutely gorgeous in the Molo clothes.

    Molo Children and Baby Spring – Summer Collections

    Every new season Molo designers create something new, trendy and “fresh”. For this new spring – summer collection they propose boys and girls swimwear:

    • swimsuits (polyester + elastane)
    • swim shorts (polyester)
    • sun suits (UPF 50+ sun protection)
    • bikini
    • baby swim pants
    • swim top with long or short sleeves (high sun protection).

    Also, you can find rubber flip-flops for boys and girls, sun hats, sun caps, straw hats. Sunglasses and beach bags are also available. So, if you would like to buy a whole beach outfit for your child, you can buy everything by one designer and every piece of clothing and accessory will ideally match each other.

    Every spring – summer collection by Molo has various dresses, tops, skirts, t-shirts, playsuits, leggings, shorts, blouses, jeans, jumpsuits etc. Colorful bright prints make Molo clothing and accessories are so recognizable in the kids fashion market and so unique.

    Molo Children and Baby Autumn – Winter Collections

    Autumn and winter is the time in many countries all over the world when you need some warm and comfortable clothing and accessories for you and for your children. Molo knows about this fact and proposes ideal kids clothing that protects from wind, snow, rain, cold weather.

    For highest protect you can buy waterproof snowsuits for girls and boys, this kind of apparel gives your child full protection and he/she can play many hours outside and still stay warm and dry. You can combine these snowsuits or ski jackets and ski trousers with snowboots for even better child protection. If you girl prefers sheepskin boots for her winter outfit you can easily find this “dry” boots by Molo.

    You can find many kids jackets, cotton, denim or even genuine leather jackets for boys and girls. Sweaters, sweatshirts, leggings, joggers, jeans, warm cotton jersey dresses and skirts – all these proposes Molo for its autumn and winter collections.

    Kids accessories by Molo

    Every modern kid wardrobe contains not only clothing and shoes, but also stylish and useful accessories. You can buy all these accessories for kid protection (from sun, cold, wind) or just to make your child or baby outlook finished with stylish things.

    • hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, berets
    • sunglasses
    • socks, tights
    • backpacks, sports bags, beach bags
    • hairbands, hair elastics, hair clips
    • underwear for boys and girls
    • bathrobes

    Molo for Babies

    Being so popular kids designer for sure Molo could not forget about babies and infants. From the first days of your newborn baby you can buy him or her high quality and so beautiful clothing and accessories.

    • swimwear and sun protection clothing
    • playsuits
    • jumpsuits
    • pyjamas
    • tracksuits
    • babygrows
    • babysuits
    • baby shoties
    • and many other clothing and accessories

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