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    Mitty Games Boys Blue Hawaiian Swim Shorts 5.50.43 PM  Mitty Games Blue Anchor Print Swimsuit 5.50.43 PM  Mitty Games Stripe Red UV Sun Protective Suit 5.50.43 PM

    Mitty Games Baby Girls Navy Blue Swimming Costume with Nappy 5.50.43 PM  Mitty Games Girls 'Summer Flowers' Swimsuit 5.50.43 PM  Mitty Games Girls 'Big Rose Frilly' Swimsuit 5.50.43 PM

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    For many years a synonym for the word “beach” for the whole Britain is the name of the brand Mitty James. Children’s clothing of this brand has already become a true legend without any exaggeration. It is indispensable where the sun, sea and sand dominate or in short, in the country of the child. Mitty James is, above all, the bright summer baby clothes, towels and accessories for the beach, as well as casual clothing made of fleece or: sweatshirts, T-shirts, even hats and mittens. Summer and beachwear is available in a large number of prints. Young ladies and fashionistas can choose romantic roses, wildflowers, marine theme, stripes and even images of frogs and sharks for swimming suits. Stylish accessories such as hats, caps and headbands for hair would be ideal for swimsuit and turn the girl into a lady. In addition, for the most active kids company offers a line of clothing with a high level of sun protection. For babies Mitty James brand offers a range of sandpipers. The clothes of this brand are designed for children from 6 months up to 16 years. Mitty James is an unbeatable British quality, great taste and easy cut. You will also become an admirer of this brand once you try it.

    Mitty James Kidswear and Accessories

    Being known for baby and kids swimwear first Mitty James decided to create full line apparel for children. As a result now you can buy padded zip-up tops, gilets, toweling robes, hooded tops, sweaters – all these is made in neutral colors, good for boys and girls. Many items are very warm and soft, that make them ideal to wear on the windy beach and to protect your kid from cold weather.  Also, most prints and colors (like red, blue, green stripes) have sailing motives, so even these kids clothes are not a beachwear, but still, it looks very original and you want to wear it when you go to the seaside. For girls Mitty James proposes various dresses and head accessories (like headbands or hats). Most of the apparel has branded Boat print or applique, that makes Mitty James kids clothes collections very recognizable and unique.

    Mitty James do not forget about the smallest customers – for babies, toddlers, infants designer proposes swimwear, casual clothes and various accessories, such as hats, sun hats, scarves, headbands.

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