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    Missouri is the Italian company known worldwide for its unique collection of stylish children’s and teen’s shoes. What is the secret of success of the brand and why it is preferred to other producers among many buyers, despite the high prices? It is all due to the high quality, comfort, practicality and creativity of the brand creator Sergio Ferakutti. His first children’s shoes he created when he was 11-year-old child. So he liked the idea and the result of his work that he decided to dedicate his entire life to producing shoes for children and adolescents. For more than 40 years since the opening of his own manufacture, products of Missouri is in great demand in many countries and highly appreciated by competing brands. All children and youth shoes of Missouri are manufactured entirely from natural materials. The range of presented kids footwear is made for all seasons for boys and girls. There is an incredibly wide range starting from knitted booties for toddlers, leather sandals for boys and girls to teen shoes for winter. Missouri children’s shoes along with practicality and convenience are very beautiful. For younger clients company produces exclusive options of shoes decorated with stones and vintage patterns. Refined and elegant footwear of the brand is what your child needs.

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