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    Miss Sixty is the Italian brand of fashionable women’s clothing and footwear, which was created by designers Wichy Hassan and Renato Ross. The company was founded in 1989. Three years later, the company opened the enterprise in the United States. Brand Miss Sixty is possession of Sixty Group, the company that also owns many other brands. In 1999 there was opened a mono-brand store in London, Miss Sixty. Already since 2001, the brand began to produce women’s shoes and a year later the world saw a line of sunglasses. In 2004 there was released a children’s collection for girls from Miss Sixty. In 2005, in collaboration with Coty there appear the women’s perfume line, eventually also appear accessories, jewelry and leather products from Miss Sixty. A year later, the brand presents all its products at the first show which takes place in New York. In 2007, the brand produces fragrance Rock Muse, jewelry collection, a collection of watches as well as collection of swimsuits and underwear.

    Miss Sixty for Girls

    This brand is designed for girls who love to look bright, interesting, original and individually in every outfit. All things of the brand look worthy, reliable and high quality. This is stylish, trendy, feminine and glamorous brand that will appeal to every girl from 2 to 16 years. Miss Sixty specializes on kids casual clothes, that is very comfortable to wear every day. Only high quality materials and fabrics are used for Miss Sixty girls clothing, as a result you can wear it regularly, wash it many times and still it will look like new.

    For those mothers who like to buy apparel good for family look Miss Sixty is a good choice, as you can buy same clothing from adult and kids collections.

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