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Mischka Aoki White 'Stunning Beauty' Lace Dress  Mischka Aoki Pink 'Admiring Pink Avenue' Tulle Dress  Mischka AokiGrey 'Sunset at Petite Trianon' Lace Dress

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The Australian brand of luxury clothing for children named Mishka Aoki has appeared in 2009. Just for 4 years Winnie Aoki, its founder, became known throughout the world for his inexhaustible imagination and exquisite taste. The Australian designer was inspired by her own daughter for the creation of her first collection and since then Winnie Aoki has been producing clothes for girls from 4 years to 14 years. The distinguishing feature of the brand is the general mood of clothing. This garment is full of holiday mood, mystery and sophistication. In general among the lines of Mishka Aoki one may find outfits for babies created for special occasions. Here one may find ballroom dresses, blouses and stylish festive and elegant blouses for elder girls. Abundance of decorative elements and diverse clothing accessories give originality, luxury and style. In these clothes young fashionistas are able to feel like real heroines of fairy tales and their parents do not stop to admire them. This is an elite brand and it totally complies with the title, because it stands on one step with the most famous design houses all around the world. Though the brand is quite young as it was founded in 2009, it already has a lot of admirers all around the world. We can definitely say that Mishka Aoki girls dress is the best choice for special occasions. Your girl be in the center of any party wearing these luxury dresses.

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