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    Footwear company Melissa is the Brazilian brand created in 1979. The company was established as a subsidiary of a major shoe manufacturer Grendene. Within the project of Melissa manufacturers conceived to produce comfortable and waterproof shoes that would be not only practical, but also stylish and elegant. As a result, plastic and rubber shoes from Melissa have gained immense popularity and the lines of the brand have increased significantly. As a result there has appeared the line of Mini Melissa, where you can find the rubber and plastic shoes for girls and boys. Shoes are also designed for those babies who are just taking their first steps and girls up to 14 years. The main feature of the brand footwear is its convenience. For the production designers use special types of skeletons and soles that do not harm the legs of young fashionistas. In addition, all collections of the company differ with a great design, bright colors and exquisite accessories to decorate the kids shoes. This is the footwear that is designed for active children. It does not get wet, does not deform and keeps the feet well, providing convenience when walking. Fun and colorful design plays not the least role when it goes about the Melissa footwear.

    Today you can buy not only rubber sandals by Mini Melissa, but also

    • rubber trainers
    • sliders
    • ballerina shoes
    • pumps

    Mini Melissa jelly accessories for kids

    New collection also includes original and useful kids jelly accessories, such as backpacks and bags. Very stylish and unusual “Ice Lolly” backpack come in one size, but in 2 colors: yellow and pale purple, with glitters. 100% PVC guarantees easy cleaning and your girl can use it for many years, both for school of for everyday use.

    Another must-have Mini Melissa accessory – is a long strap hand bag. It comes in two colors and the design of this bag was inspired by Walt Disney’s “Snow White” with big Red Bow decoration. We are sure that every little girl want to have this kind of bag in her wardrobe.

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