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    We always want to protect our children, we want to take care of buying only top quality clothing, shoes, accessories and other things for them. Because we are aware of the importance of the first years of development of our small babies especially. This is the reason why a lot of parents prefer to choose the products by Milk & Co, because this brand is associated first of all with 100 % natural shampoo and conditioners for babies, creating extra foam for easier bathing and greater fun. The application only of organic oils and extracts is the guarantee of their positive impact upon skin of our babies. Sometimes children need additional relaxation for better sleep, for this reason, the extracts of lavender are included in some of the moisturizing products, creams and wash products. From the very first months of new life, it is necessary to secure correct care of child’s skin and hair. Glycerin is widely used by the producer, because its moisturizing effect is well known. With the help of this element, it is possible to get rid of the harsh elements, which are present in the water. The moisturizing cream is non -greasy, super-absorbent and 95% natural, which is perfect for babies.

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