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    The name of this designer is associated first of all with top quality collections of bold and bright pieces of swimwear. Mara Hoffman designers personally devoted a lot of time and efforts to create these kids beach collections on the basis of their personal experience and emotions. Experience which designers gained during their travelling, exploring of the nature, reading of the mythology books and learning outstanding facts about magic. There is a separate line by Mara Hoffman for children and babies, which is very close to the one for adults, with the same extraordinary prints and contrasting neon colors combinations; buying a piece of these collections would contribute to developing a good taste in your child. Reversible Bikini features a bright neon print on one side and leopard print on the other would for sure stand out and make the girl, who is wearing it, look bright and smart. This set consists of a bandeau style bikini top with two straps and knickers. This is a clever combination of classic design and modern details and colors. Make your daughter happy with this bright set and let her enjoy this summer for 100 %. Checkers Print Empire Dress features a neon and black triangle patterned embroidered bodice would become a perfect company for this swimsuit by Mara Hoffman.

    The prices for Mara Hoffman children and baby beachwear are not cheap, but it worth it. Quality cannot be cheap, especially when we are talking swimwear – sun and salt water can spoil low quality clothes after the first use. But with Mara Hoffman children swimming suits, sun suits, bikinis, swim shorts etc, you can be sure that clothes stay the same even after the everyday use and many washes.

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