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    Malvi & Co Blue Floral Cotton Knee Length Dress  Malvi & Co Pink Cotton and Lace Dress  Malvi & Co Isi Baby Blue Floral Cotton Dress with Bloomers

    Malvi & Co Blue Cotton Jersey Knee Length Dress  Malvi & Co Isi Baby Blue Cotton Floral Print Trousers  Malvi & Co Isi baby Baby Girls Grey Linen Dress

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    Malvi & Co is an Italian brand of stylish children’s clothing. All children’s apparel is made of a fabric containing only organic fibers. For sewing, designers use such techniques as lace, embroidery, trims, ribbons and more. Designers of Malvi & Co managed to achieve excellence and create an unusual style of clothing for children aged from three months to twelve years. Of course, we all know that very young children know nothing about styles. However, every mother wants her baby to look interesting and beautiful regardless of age. It is this that the Italian designers are ready to suggest to you and your baby child. Italian brand Malvi & Co is pleased to present an exclusive collection of children’s clothing for caring parents. Products of this brand differ from other brands because they are simple, but at the same time elegant. In the provided range you will always find the necessary clothing both for travel and adventure as well as for the house and walks. As for the holidays, they also will not pass without a collection of kids clothes of this brand. In the apparel of Malvi & Co trademark your little girl will feel like a real princess and your son will have the role of the gallant.

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